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About me

I may not be an expert but I am an enthusiast in the garden.



I have always been surrounded by gardens, be it that of my Irish farming background or my grandmother's flower garden.


Yours truly was born, all fingers and thumbs


My grandma bought me my first set of child sized garden tools and the seed was sown


I returned to my family home as I entered the workforce and began my journey into starting a garden of my own

From farming to flowers

I am not single minded in my garden, I love the variety that being both an avid lover of blooms as well as a veracious vegetable eater brings. I dream of one day having the space to keep something like a small-holding, but I'm quite content with my chickens at present.


"I love my garden because it steadies my hand, quiets my mind and even the smallest victories feel like mountains. Being a part of the landscape transforming never ceases to awe me."

– Sally Rose
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